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Главная » 2016 » Ноябрь » 10 » Домашнее чтение "Дневник Мэриан Фитзволтер", 1 часть, 8 класс.
9:15 PM
Домашнее чтение "Дневник Мэриан Фитзволтер", 1 часть, 8 класс.

Ребята, выпишите из текста свою часть и составьте 3 вопроса по содержанию.

Просмотров: 588 | Добавил: i_a_romanova | Рейтинг: 1.0/1
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1 Ирина Киреева • 6:17 PM, 11.11.2016
Father sent a letter to Lady Isabel.We will get an answer in a couple of days.So today was the usual boring day.I got up early and helped the maids sweep the floor in the great hall.After breakfast I had to spin with my mother and her women all day.It was only before dinner that I had some time ,so I am writing my diary.
Oh,I forgot.There was a hanging in Nottingham today,but we did not go.What a pity!Our family never goes to interesting events like that.Maybe that is because Mother does not like them.She gets very upset.
1To whom the Father has sent the letter?
2What was in Nottingham?
3Why do not they go to Nottingham?
6 danilin2001 • 3:56 PM, 11.15.2016
1.Father sent a letter to Lady Isabel
2.There was a hanging in Nottingham
3.Maybe that is because Mother does not like them
14 Ирина Романова • 11:18 PM, 11.15.2016
Данила, здравствуй. Все ответы верны. Молодец!
13 Ирина Романова • 11:17 PM, 11.15.2016
Ирина, здравствуй. В 1 вопросе не надо добавлять частицу to, остальное верно. Удачи!
2 Анна Мозговая • 11:24 AM, 11.13.2016
Unfortunately, on his way back King Richard got into a trap, and now the Austrian emperor keeps him in prison. He wants a large ransom. Richard's younger brother, John, is ruling England for him. John raises taxes higher and higher but he hasn't paid the ransom for his brother yet. So maybe Mother is right. He simply doesn't want to do it. Nobody likes John and his stupid, greedy French friends. I hope King Richard will be back soon, and life will be easier for everybody.
1.who called for the courage of a lion heart?
2.who holds of king Richard in prison?
3.who ruled England for king Richard?
15 Ирина Романова • 11:19 PM, 11.15.2016
Аня, здравствуй. Структура вопросов правильная, пиши только с заглавной буквы. Удачи!
3 edadashova02 • 2:29 PM, 11.14.2016
3 March
We finally got an answer from Lady Isabel! I'm going in ten days. I have to pack my things quickly. Mother is sadder than usual. I have been thinking about King Richard. I've never seen him, but my father did. Together they went to the Holy Land and fought for Christ against heretics. It's called the Crusades. Father says that King Richard is fair and brave. For his courage everybody calls him the Lionheart.
1.For whom we got an answer?
2.For whom fought against eritekov?
3.What about the father says Richarda?
Ответы на вопросы Ани:
1.King Richard
2.Austrian emperor.
3.His younger brother John.
16 Ирина Романова • 11:22 PM, 11.15.2016
Эвелина, здравствуй. 1 вопрос верный. 2 вопрос - слово еретики пишется по-другому. 3 вопрос - в английских словах нет окончания, ошибка в слове Ричард. Ответы на вопросы Ани правильные. Удачи!
4 София Волкова • 3:10 PM, 11.15.2016
30 March 
It's bad news. I have finally found out allabout Robin Hood. He's a dangerous outlaw who lives in Sherwood Forest and robs everybody who wants to go through the forest. Hehas a big gang of men who are all criminals. Recently they stole all the taxes
that Sheriff of Nottingham had collected for Prince John. So the shooting
contest is a trap for Robin Hood. Everybody knows that he is a good archer, and
the Sheriff of Nottingham wants to catch Robin if he comes to the contest.

1.For whom the archery contest is a trap?
2.Who Is Robin Hood? 
3.Where he lived Robin hood?
17 Ирина Романова • 11:23 PM, 11.15.2016
Соня, здравствуй. Первые 2 вопроса верные. в 3 вопросе надо вспомогательный глагол did- Where did Robin Hood live? Удачи!
5 danilin2001 • 3:49 PM, 11.15.2016
I'm never going to a hanging again. This is how it all happened. ln the morning Lady Isabel,
her daughters and I put on our best clothes and went to Nottingham.
There was a large crowd of people in the market square. Everybody was
waiting for the hanging. We bought some pies and ale, but I couldn't eat
or drink when I saw the criminal. He was a thin, tired man. He didn't
ask for help, didn't look around. I think he wanted to die. And then I
heard people in the crowd, "...killed a deer in the King's forest,"
"...had nothing to eat," "was sick and couldn't work," "his wife and
daughter froze to death this winter," "was looking for food for his
little son," "the Norman pigs will soon hang all Saxons!" "Where is our
good King Richard?" "Robin Hood will get (доберется до) Guy of
I could not listen or look any more. I ran away.
In the evening I was thinking about the new name that I had heard. Who is this Robin Hood?

1.Where a large crowd of people?
2.Where did daughters's Lady Isabel and she go?
3.What did buy they?
18 Ирина Романова • 11:25 PM, 11.15.2016
Данила, здравствуй. Ошибка в 1 вопросе - вспомогательный глагол was поставить после вопросительного слова. Удачи!
7 kozhokinamargo • 4:57 PM, 11.15.2016
24 March
Poor Robert died, but nobody cries for him. Today there is a big feast in the castle. Lady Isabel's favorite cousin is going to come for a visit. His name is Guy of Gisbourne. He isn't very rich, but he's a friend of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Lady Isabel is proud of him. The feast was horrible. Lady Isabel put Guy of Gisbourne next to me. He blew his red nose on the tablecloth, cleaned his teeth with a knife and took all the best pieses from the plate.
He was talking about one of his serfs. Whom he was going to hang tomorrow.
1. With whom Lady Isabel put Guy of Gisbourne?
2. Who is going to come visit?
3. Who is a friend of the Sheriff Nottingham?
12 София Волкова • 7:32 PM, 11.15.2016
  • Lady Isabel put Guy of Gisbourne next to me.
  • Lady Isabel's favourite consin is going to come for a visit.
  • Guy of Gisbourne is of a friend the Sheriff Nottingham
  • avatar
    20 Ирина Романова • 11:26 PM, 11.15.2016
    Соня, твои ответы верны.
    19 Ирина Романова • 11:26 PM, 11.15.2016
    Рита, здравствуй. Все правильно. Молодец!
    8 larisastrelhova • 5:37 PM, 11.15.2016
    22 March 
    Today some villagers came to the castle for help. One of 
    them, Robert, had a big wound in his leg. Lady Isabel showed me and her daughters how to make medicine. She mixed some sheep fat with some goose blood and dried frog. It was her best ointment. The next villager had a toothache. My idea was that we should pull the tooth out, but Lady Isabel didn't agree. "If we pull his tooth out, the evil spirits will go into his body," she said. She put some garlic paste into his mouth. The smell was awful. I just hope it helps. 
    Answer the questions. 
    1). Who comes the villagers? 
    2). What was the best ointment Lady Isabel? 
    3). What will happen if you pull out a tooth?
    21 Ирина Романова • 11:26 PM, 11.15.2016
    Даша, здравствуй. Все верно. Молодец!
    9 stlinda • 6:07 PM, 11.15.2016
    Today I asked Father about the angry villagers. He said that it was none of my business. Then I asked mother. She shook her head first, but then talked to me. "Our villagers are getting very poor," she said. "Greedy Prince John wants more and more gold and silver and invents more and more taxes which everybody has to pay. He says that our king, Richard, needs the money, but I don't believe it." I like my mother. She is different from all the other women, I know. She is brave and always says what she thinks. Mother comes from a noble Celtic-Saxon family. She says that there were kings and Druids in it. Unfortunately, it didn't help Mother's family when the Normans came. Her grandfather kept his land, but lost his power.
    What kept my grandfather?
    What he lost?
    From what family mom?
    Ответы на вопросы danilin2001
    Market Square
    Guy Gisbёrna
    Pie Beer
    24 Ирина Романова • 11:31 PM, 11.15.2016
    Даниил, здравствуй. В вопросах есть ошибки, нет вспомогательных глаголов.
    1 What did my grandfather keep?
    2 What did he lose?
    3What family was mom?
    Ответы на вопросы Данилы правильные. Удачи!
    10 i_a_romanova • 6:31 PM, 11.15.2016
    Today is the last day at home. I hope I'll impress Lady Isabel with my good manners, clothes and appearance. I even washed my hair... Before I went to bed, Mother came into the room. She was very pale, but smiled at me. On her finger there was a golden Celtic ring, which I had never seen before. She took it off and gave it to me. "Take it," she said, "It's magic. It's been in our family since 1066. It has saved the lives of a lot of people. Never take it off, but don't show it to anybody." With these words she put a thin chain through the ring and put it around my neck.
    I didn't understand anything about magic, but I liked the ring. It's nice and heavy with two big snakes on.
    1) What did save the lives of many people?
    2) Is the ring nice and heavy with two big snakes on?
    3) How long is it in their family?
    Ответы на вопросы Даши:
    1) Today some villagers came to the castle for help.
    2) She mixed some sheep fat with some goose blood and dried frog.
    3) 3) If you pull a tooth then evil spirits will enter his body
    22 Ирина Романова • 11:28 PM, 11.15.2016
    Кристина, здравствуй. Все правильно. Молодец!
    11 larisastrelhova • 6:37 PM, 11.15.2016
    Ответы на вопросы Кристины:
    1)Ring saved the lives of many people.
    2)This ring is in their family since 1066. 
    3)Yes, is it.
    23 Ирина Романова • 11:28 PM, 11.15.2016
    Даша, ответы на вопросы Кристины верные.
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